Natava Organic Black Chia Seeds

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About This Product

Natava SuperFoods Black Chia Seeds are Certified Organic and packed with protein. Chia is a small seed which was eaten by the Aztecs and is known for its durability. The Aztec's called it the 'running food' as they would carry it in a small pouch and take the equivalent of one teaspoon which would help them get to march for 24 hours.

Health Benefits of Black Chia Seeds:

  • May help sustain you throughout the day.
  • Omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential fatty acids and a good form of fats which help our bodies to function optimally and are especially important for our hearts.

Natava SuperFoods Certified Organic Black Chia Seeds are also available in ground form, making it easier to use them in smoothies and baking.

How to use Black Chia Seeds:

Chia has many uses and can be simply sprinkled onto a yoghurt, muesli, salad, stir fry, curry, or you can add it your smoothie, a juice or simply put in your water bottle and sip it through out the day to get a constant stream of energy. They are versatile so can be added to almost any dish to get more nutrition into your diet.

In a smoothie they go well with goji berries and cacao powder for that yummy chocolate flavour.

**Serving/pack is based on 1kg Variant**