Natava Organic Heirloom Cacao Nibs

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About This Product

Natava SuperFoods Certified Raw Organic Cacao Nibs are the real stuff when it comes to chocolate!!! They are taken from raw cacao beans and have a crunchy texture with a nutty chocolaty flavour.

Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs:

They are a good source of magnesium that is also associated with improving people's moods as it helps the body to release happy hormones. (For many people with a typical western diet they will often find they are deficient in magnesium, so taking Cacao can help to relieve this problem.)

How to Use Cacao Nibs:

These delicious chocolaty nibs are suitable for many different desserts, cakes, cookies and even pancakes. They are also great added to a trail mix, smoothie or milkshakes. If you are feeling decadent you can even add them to your morning cereal. All it takes is a little inspiration and you will have that great chocolate hit with a whole heap of benefits.

**Serving/pack is based on 1kg Variant**