About Us

Natava SuperFoods is a New Zealand owned certified organic SuperFoods company. We source the highest quality nutrient rich amazing superfoods from around the globe and deliver it to your door.

We are very passionate about quality and make sure our products are 100% organic and have a very rigorous process of screening suppliers and growers to ensure we only source the best products possible.

For example we have tested over 20 cacao suppliers around the world and of these 18 of them failed our testing as they were either not actually raw at all, or they were not organic, or worse not heirloom. After years of research we are confident that we have the cleanest, purest form of 100% raw organic cacao on the planet. The cacao is an heirloom variety of cacao that is wild harvested by locals in Ecuador on donkey back straight out of the rain forest. This is just one example of how good the quality of our products truly are!!

We're passionate about putting quality ethical foods before profit and ensure we don't just sell products but provide healthy foods that will help our customers. Thanks for stopping by our site, and if you have any questions please feel welcome to contact us anytime.