Natava Organic Heirloom Cacao Beans 250g

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About This Product

Natava SuperFoods Raw Certified Organic Cacao Beans are truly very special, as it is NOT farmed, but instead collected from the rain forest regions of Ecuador by locals on donkey back!!! The cacao trees in this region are up to 80 years old and grow in volcanic regions with super high nutrient soil. This means you get the best cacao possible!!

Natava SuperFoods Raw Certified Organic Cacao is from a special heirloom variety known as Arriba Nacionale, which is considered by many to be the highest quality cacao with a brilliant taste.

Health Benefits of Cacao Beans:

  • One of the reasons Raw Cacao is believed by many health experts to be so powerful at aiding us in achieving optimal health is due to its astounding content of nutrients. It is one of the great sources of antioxidants known to man, even more than Goji Berries.
  • Cacao is also credited with giving people a blissful feeling. 
  • Furthermore, Cacao is the only food that Anandamide has been found in and may be why chocolate is often associated with a feeling of happiness and well-being.
  • Cacao also contains fibre which may help cleanse the intestines and regulate bowel movements.
  • Raw Cacao is a source of minerals like, magnesium, which is essential to the body.

Eat as snack or add into desserts or trail mixes for a delightful chocolate taste!

**Serving/pack is based on 250g Variant**